gwp Virtual Lunch in cooperation with Amazing Blocks and AlgoTrader

Issuing shares in the form of tokens has significant operational advantages compared to traditional issuance. At the same time, such a tokenisation process requires an appropriate legal environment. Regulators in several countries are advanced in introducing supportive law adjustments and creating a legal basis for the centralised to decentralised financial infrastructure transformation.

The second main element in the development of tokenised securities/shares offering is the availability of supportive infrastructure.

On Friday, 23 April 2021 we hosted our Virtual Lunch in cooperation with Amazing Blocks and AlgoTrader. Learn more about legal and practical aspects of security/shares tokenisation from the perspective of market readiness, infrastructure and regulation with particular focus on Swiss and Liechtenstein legal frameworks by watching the recording of this event.

Jakob Bosshard
Chief Operating Officer, AlgoTrader AG

Jakob is an experienced entrepreneur, Fintech expert, blockchain enthusiast and COO. He has a proven track record in banking technology with a focus on trading, portfolio management, digital transformations and software engineering. He is very passionate about blockchain technology and has specialised in digital assets and cryptos working with banks and funds in particular. He is the COO of AlgoTrader. Jakob has also worked in the Big Data and Analytics domain using AI for various automation and opportunity management tasks in the finance industry. Jakob holds an engineering master’s degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich and an Executive MBA from GSBA/SUNY in Zurich and New York. 


Nicolas Weber
Head of Business Development, Amazing Blocks AG

Nicolas is a long term blockchain enthusiast, early stage crypto investor, philanthropist, podcast host and entrepreneur who is currently Head of Business Development at Amazing Blocks AG. He joined the legally compliant tokenisation startup prior to official foundation and his responsibilities include: Business Development, Sales and Project Management. He previously worked for established companies such as Daimler AG, Dieffenbacher GmbH and Allianz Global Investors GmbH.


Susanne De Zordi
Partner, gwp

Susanne has many years of experience in advising and auditing banks and asset managers and has been a FINMA-accredited auditor since 2007. She provides support to financial market participants in a wide range of regulatory issues and projects, connects market participants and simplifies the regulatory implementation of new technologies and their applications.

Susanne has profound and comprehensive knowledge of the financial market, which she can apply pragmatically and compliantly. She accompanies existing market participants as well as innovative business models that belong to Fintech segments (e.g. crypto and payments).

Ekaterina Anthony
Senior Manager for Crypto & Blockchain Compliance, gwp

Ekaterina is a specialist in the field of supporting compliance and operating activities for fintech start-ups and digital projects. She is particularly focusing on assisting traditional financial institutions to enter into the digital space as well as establishing compliance procedures for crypto asset management companies and crypto funds. Her previous roles include Head of the London office of the Russian Stock Exchange (MOEX) and Regional Head S&P Global Platts.